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Argo Recruiment Bristol
Argo Recruiment Bristol

Are you inundated with irrelevant candidates for your vacancies?

Argo uses a 3 > 2 > 1 approach to ensure only the top candidates are presented to their clients.

Do you have to go to different recruitment companies to fill your permanent and contract requirements?

Argo has a strong network of candidates in both the permanent and contract arena and can supply their client with both categories.

Do you feel you are dealing with an ‘agency’ rather than a ‘consultancy’?

Argo views itself as a consultancy. Our consultants aim to meet their clients face to face and gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation. We are passionate about providing a consultative approach and are always available to pass on advice and guidance.

Has your recruitment process spiralled out of control?

Argo can provide a managed service where consultants are assigned to your organisation to deal with all aspects of recruitment. Whether it is dealing with all candidate submissions to your company or headhunting a specific candidate you wish to speak to, Argo has the resources meaning you have no need to use anyone else.

Does the recruitment company you use disappear during bad times?

Argo appreciates the ups and downs of the economic world. Not only will we be there to help you recruit, but also assist you in times of redundancies to try and help your organisation ease the pain of forced restructuring.

Do you have to use different recruitment companies to recruit globally?

Argo has a track history of not only placing candidates in the UK, but also mainland Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Is your present supplier of candidates too big to care?

Argo of course has dreams of global growth, but our ideal model of growth is small, niche teams globally placed that continues our consultative approach to recruitment.

Never feel you have been provided with ‘the cream of the crop’?

Argo doesn’t just base its candidate search on databases and job boards. We have a strong candidate network and utilise the headhunting approach.

As a candidate do you feel let down by your recruitment consultant during your job application?

Argo has a strict policy of ensuring a candidate is given every detail possible about a live role we believe they are suitable for with our client before sending their details. This includes providing the company name, details about the role and the environment of the organisation. Interview advice is available throughout the process and our aim is that you feel Argo is with you every step of the way.

Is your only contact with your recruitment consultant in the office or over the phone/email?

Argo believes it is vital to develop a strong relationship with their clients. We aim for our clients to not only feel assured of a professional service, but also to actually enjoy meeting with us. Whether it is enjoying a meal or watching a live sporting event together, we have found this has strengthened our relationship with our present clients.